TLDR Irish Myths - Issues One, Two and Three
TLDR Irish Myths - Issues One, Two and Three
TLDR Irish Myths is a trilogy of zines dedicated to introducing budding storytellers to lesser known Irish legends. Aimed specifically at adults, these zines are designed to counteract the tendency in folklore-based media to ignore the deviant, queer, horrific or sexual elements that have formed an integral part of our mythology since its beginning. 
Each zine begins with a “TLDR” or brief synopsis that boils the myth down to its key points to aid in memorisation, before following with a fully illustrated prose form of the story.

Spread - Brothers of the Kesh

Three zines were created in total - each based on myths surrounding Kesh Corann Mountain in County Sligo. 

The first, "Sisters of the Kesh," tells the story of Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Fianna defeating three villainous hags in the mountain caves that tie them up and threaten to eat them.
The second, "Daughter of the Kesh," is based on Laoidh Chab an Dosáin, The Lay of Cab an Dosáin's Kesh - considered by some scholars to be one of the most obscene pieces of Fenian Cycle literature. 

This 17th century myth involves Conán Maol's attempts to sleep with a fairy woman - before being subjected to terrifying hallucinations and gender switching magic.

Spread - Daughter of the Kesh

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